An average person, sees a flaw in themselves, or a flaw in a product, service, industry or the world, and do you know what they do?


They ignore it, or they whine about it. They have a bitch and a moan, maybe to themselves, maybe to friends, maybe on Facebook. But that’s it, it ends there. The Level of action they take about it is as mediocre as they are.

A successful person gets this agitation inside them to do something about it. They have to do something to fix it. They can’t let things be. They can’t deal with it.

It is so crucial, to have a sense of agitation not only to achieve goals and effect change on a big scale – but also in each workday, we need little goals along the way that we can achieve. This helps us to stop getting complacent or content and helps us stay agitated.

If I have an unproductive day where I didn’t achieve my little goals or planned outcomes, I feel agitated about it.

It’s this tense, irritated feeling that I know I haven’t done enough, and that I could and should have done more. That feeling drives me to come back better, more focused, and achieve more tomorrow. 

Agitation is not a ‘have it or ‘don’t have it’ proposition. It can be learned, practiced, created and nurtured. Find out what works for you, and build it. If you feel content, you are not agitated. And content people generally don’t achieve much. Comfort is the enemy of success. You have to wake up starving. 

If you aren’t agitated, you aren’t going to win. So get agitated. Understand that no matter how much you are doing, it’s probably not enough, you can probably be doing more.

When you get that, and you embrace that, you will watch your productivity, outcomes, and results skyrocket. For me, with that comes genuine happiness.

Not happiness from whatever goal I just achieved (although that is great), but the happiness from having had uber productivity and focus, to achieve those outcomes and results.

If you are achieving goals, and are happy whilst doing it, no one can tell you that you aren’t winning. You are. So go win.

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